When liberals and conservatives talk about freedom.

The thing about liberals and conservatives is that they hate freedom. Only anarchists and communists struggle towards something that could truly be called freedom.

Liberals and conservatives say they love freedom, but they actually hate it. You can tell they hate it because they hate anarchists and communists.

Liberals and conservatives love to wave the flag of freedom, in the form of the flag of the United States. But this is a false flag, a lying flag, because the flag of any nation, and especially our nation, is the flag of fascism.

It is anarchists and communists who have divested themselves from oppression by choosing to struggle against it, because they love freedom and will do anything to help it flower in our world.

Anarchists and communists are traitors to the nation, and traitors to the dictatorship of capital. Liberals and conservatives, on the other hand, are the eager representatives of these systems.

To answer the question of who actually stands for freedom, it is necessary to look at both words and actions. Bourgeois society loves the word “freedom”, but it seems that freedom means free markets, violent policing, and the punishment of brown, queer, and disabled people.

Liberals and conservatives will, waving their lying flag of freedom, tell you that equality is impossible. That a living earth is impossible. That peace among nations is impossible. That everything is impossible except more of this terrible meat grinder eating us all alive.

This is because they literally profit from the machine, in the form of campaign donations sure, but also in the form of actual capitalist investments. The political class of this country is a branch of the capitalist class, and they behave as such.

They hate anarchists and communists because we hate them back. We hate this machine that stands in the way of freedom: free time, free love, free movement, and, more than anything, the freedom to simply live in the world without oppression from bosses or the colonial state.

Liberals and conservatives don’t love freedom, they hate freedom. What they love are rules, and money, and death. That is the meaning of their lying flag, the flag of the United States of America.

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